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Tuesday, December 13

Ali Shaheed Muhammad – Beats, Rhymes & Life: Q&A Session

On Nov 23rd we had A Tribe Called Quest’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad down to the Red Bull lounge for a screening of the Tribe documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life followed by a Q&A with Ali. While the heads in attendance were enjoying Heini’s and Redbull/vodkas (Ali had the fruit punch), Flipout hosted the Q&A and everything Tribe was covered.

There was just too much info and knowledge dropped to write a quick review, so either hit the player above to stream the audio or the link below to download the Q&A session. For some extra Tribe goodness, Seko was on the tables before the screening and dropped an ill Native Tongues set. Hit the link below to download as well.

Ali Shaheed Muhammad– Beats, Rhymes & Life Q&A DOWNLOAD

DJ Seko – Native Tongues Mix DOWNLOAD

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