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Donnelly Fund

The Donnelly Group has a long-standing practice of contributing to charities such as the BC Cancer Society, the Salvation Army and others. Founded in 2008 as a way to further expand their charitable efforts, the Donnelly Fund originally focused on assisting individual families in need through direct sponsorship. This hands-on approach eliminates administration and marketing fees to ensure 100% of contributions are used solely for their intended purpose.

The Donnelly Fund has quickly grown into a full-time venture, and its numerous programs give back to the many communities in which the Donnelly Group’s pubs and nightclubs operate. Charitable recipients include the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, the Steve Nash Foundation, the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, United We Can and others.

The Donnelly Group is proud to contribute 15 percent of its annual profits to the Donnelly Fund. With the help of family and business partners, Jeff Donnelly is expanding the Group’s philanthropic programs to support several key charities

For information and inquiries, please contact Sarah Boshell at ac.puorgyllennodnull@llehsobs.