Cocktail Clubs


Save on Meats

Save on Meats consists of a butcher shop, along with a restaurant and a take-out sandwich window that will serve local residents. A second-floor commissary that supplies the window employs local residents, including those working for Potluck Café, a successful social enterprise that operates across the street. Coolers on another floor provide space for community gardeners to store their produce for free until they establish a viable business.

Rabbit River

Rabbit river farms is a family run local organic egg producer. Owner operator Steve Easterbrook is a pioneer in advancing local sustainable agriculture, he and his colleagues were the first certified organic egg producer in Canada. By creating and advancing Canadian organic egg production standards, they placed a primary value on providing the best possible quality of life for their livestock. Steve & his team continue to work with the SPCA & BC humane society in developing and improving farm animal standards.

7 Seas

At 7 Seas we are all about great seafood, sustainably sourced. We love selling seafood and we do it well. Since seafood has so many health benefits and tastes so good, we want everyone to be able to enjoy ours. Seafood is in our blood. We love seafood and we want to share our enthusiasm with everyone.

MIX the Bakery

MIX the Bakery provides award winning artisan baking. Owners Thuy Kelp and Rose Concepcion brought their combined creative passion to Vancouver’s West Point Grey Village in 2003.

Stuyver’s BakeStudio

Stuyver’s is operated from a 30,000 square foot plant in Burnaby. With flexible state-of-the-art Bakery equipment, including Artisan bread lines and Blast freezing technology, the company has the ability to bake breads in large volumes, while respecting the Original Craft of Baking.
Our team aspires for integrity in our philosophy and our approach to baking bread. Our team of bakers is led by a Master Baker who apprenticed in Germany. We have many experienced bakers who understand both the art and science of baking.

Innovation and creative development are key values of our company, as are consistency and high quality. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer customized bread programs to give your guests and customers something fresh. After all, bread is best served fresh!

Panne Rizo

Panne Rizo is a bakery specializing in the production of homestyle gluten-free baked goods. Our doors opened in 1998 and since then all our recipes and techniques, which are crafted with care and love, have been perfected over time.We take pride in serving our customers who have dietary restrictions, including but not limited to: dairy, eggs, sugar, nuts and more. Our commitment to you is in our strong, delectable flavours originating from only the highest-quality products. Our products are made with free-range eggs, non-hydrogenated oils, and are free of preservatives.

Les amis du Fromage

The mother and daughter team of Alice & Allison Spurrell stock the larders of the city’s finest restaurants and your fridge alike. They fill their shelves with hundreds of cheeses including local, unpasteurized (Lait Cru) French, English, Italian, Spanish, Swiss and other specialties from around the world. The store regularly stocks between 400-500 cheeses for sale to both trade and consumers. Of those cheeses, at least 150 are from Canada, with a focus on British Columbia and Quebec.

The Village Cheese Co.

Farmstead Quality starts in the pasture with hand-picked cows bred for milk quality and fed with lush local grasses of the Okanagan Valley. Everyday great care is taken milking cows and transporting this top grade milk from the family farm to the cheese factory. Cheese is actually concentrated milk, so starting with the best milk possible, sets the stage for superior cheese.

Artisan Production means doing things by hand; like warming fresh milk with natural cultures and kosher approved rennet; cutting the curd and turning it many times to remove the whey before finally filling the hoops that shape the cheese. We use slow acting cultures to maximize the flavours that give that wonderful lingering aftertaste on the palette. Although it takes a couple of hours longer to produce our cheese, it is a labour of love created by cheesemakers who have great expertise. None of the best loved qualities of cheese are lost with the advancement of today’s technology.

Windset Farms

Feeding people the freshest and most flavorful produce possible is what we do. A simple idea that drives a complex process.  Windset Farms™ has been delivering fresh, beautiful produce to consumers for over a decade, using state-of-art technology, responsible growing practices and a gentle hand. Each year, we pack and ship countless pounds of premium quality produce throughout North America. Chances are good that if you eat your veggies, you’ve eaten Windset at least once.

Headquartered in the fertile Fraser Valley on Canada’s West Coast, Windset Farms™ offers our customers delicious, nutrient-rich produce all year round.

Bittered Sling Bitters & Extracts

Bittered Sling celebrates the collaboration of chef Jonathan Chovancek and mixologist and sommelier Lauren Mote, who have contributed a combined 30 years of professional experience, knowledge and innovation to the Canadian food and beverage industry.