Guest List

To apply for Guest List, please complete the following form. Be sure to provide your full name and correct email address. Large groups of 30+ will be subject to an earlier admission time.


Complimentary cover before 11 for the ladies, VIP rate after.
Complimentary cover before 10:00PM for the ladies, VIP rate after. VIP rate for guys before 10PM.
Large Groups (30+)
Please email: for confirmation.  *Entry times for large groups will vary depending on group size. Please arrive before 9:30PM to avoid long lineups.
(Subject to group size, special events, & long weekend Sundays.)



We have the right to refuse any requests at our discretion.

We are a member of Bar Watch and your ID will be scanned. Gang members or affiliates are not welcome.

Must provide 2 pieces of Valid Government ID (with magstripe) eg. driver’s license or BC ID (2nd piece can be a credit card). Acceptance of passports or other forms of ID is at our discretion.

Guest List is a privilege, not a right. Please respect the door staff.


We encourage our guests to express their unique style. However we do implement a strict dress code on Friday & Saturday nights. In general please avoid; flip flops, beach wear, active wear, shorts, sweatpants, Uggs, hiking boots and any gang affiliated attire.