NFL Blitz with Josh Harding – Super Bowl Edition

So many stories bubble to the top of the pile when the NFL takes a week off. Well its back! Let’s take a closer look at the Super Bowl:

– Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh: 2 of the most storied football programs in the NFL

– Green Bay has 9 championships and 3 Superbowls along with places like Lombardi Avenue, Holmgren Way, Reggie White Way, Vince Lombardi elementary school, etc. etc… and if they lose, the entire little town will be lined up to jump of Ray Nitschke Bridge

– Pittsburgh has 6 Superbowls, the terrible towels, the Roethlis-Burger, Steeler Nation, the Rooney family, and 2 of the most prolific plays in NFL history: The Immaculate reception and James Harrison 100 yd. pick 6 against the Cardinals in Superbowl XLIII.

– Oh… and both teams don’t have cheerleaders!!

– Finally, for those of you that love Superbowl commercials ($3 million for 30 seconds at that!)

See you all at your favourite Donnelly Pub this Sunday for the big game in HD – the American Feed will be streaming live at all the pubs! X-Box and flat-screen TV giveaways to be won, games to be played, drinks specials, and fun to be had.

Superbowl XLV at Academic: HD American Feed, presented by Labatt
1619 West Broadway between Fir and Pine, Vancouver

Superbowl XLV at Cinema: HD American Feed, presented by Labatt
901 Granville Street at Smithe, Vancouver

Superbowl XLV at The Calling: HD American Feed
1780 Davie Street at Denman, Vancouver

Superbowl XLV at Library Square: HD American Feed, presented by Labatt & Hosted by Prevail & Kyprios
300 West Georgia Street at Homer, Vancouver

Superbowl XLV at The Lamplighter, presented by Labatt & Hosted by Richie & Damon D
92 Water Street at Abbott, Vancouver

Superbowl XLV at New Oxford: HD American Feed, Presented by Granville Island Brewing
1144 Homer Street at Davie Street, Vancouver

Superbowl XLV at Smileys: HD American Feed, presented by Granville Island Brewing
911 West Pender Street at Hornby, Vancouver


Super Bowl After-Party w/ AC/DC Tribute Band THUNDERSTRUCK

We also had a week off from football to enjoy other headlines in the world of sports – here’s a recap!

– Jimmer Fredette from the BYU men’s basketball team drops 43 points last week while leading the charge for player of the year in the NCAA. This kids older brother used to make him go to the penitentiary in upstate New York as a teenager, and play basketball with the convicts. If you haven’t heard of this kid yet… you will.

– Robert Burton wants the $2.5 million dollars back that he donated to UCONNs football program because they didn’t consult him before hiring their new head coach!

– NHL and NFL had their all-star games and pro bowls respectively on the same day!

– Kevin Garnett takes a shot at Channing Frye’s private parts

– And finally, Carson Palmer says he will retire if he doesn’t get traded out of Cincinnati.