Craft Beer Week is Here – 9 Days of Good Drinking

More than a calendar year has passed since Deschutes Brewery’s Woody pulled away from the Lamplighter patio to signify the end of the 2011 VCBW. It seems that in this town at least, any week could be Vancouver Craft Beer Week. There are countless casks tapped across all the neighbourhoods and at least 1 or 2 beer dinners a month to attend.

This spring alone the Donnelly Group hosted dinners for Howe Sound, Phillips, Driftwood (twice) Experienced 4 Tap Takeovers from great American breweries like Deschutes and a full Belgian blowout featuring six amazing beers brought to us by Horizon Beers. A good year to drink beer.

The Annual General Meeting of CAMRA was hosted at Smileys Pub and saw a cask of Dave Varga’s finest get drained in about 30 minutes by a group of thirsty beer enthusiast. FUSS (Fess Up to Serving Sizes) has gained a lot of traction (although there are still some notable holdouts) and we now see beer served in movie theatres. A good year indeed.

The next 9 days will see 60+ Breweries and 60+ events. I myself have already sat through two rounds of judging for the Vancouver Home Brewer Awards, and VCBW hasn’t even officially started yet…

Hopapalooza has sold out (again) and tickets for other events are going fast. Walkups seem to be the golden ticket this year as most are being run on a first-come-first-served basis. The dedicated shall be rewarded, not just those with fast internet or no lockouts on their work browsers.

We’ll be hosting 4 key events this year and there are still a handful of tickets left for all of them.

For the entire week we are hosting throughout the group the Donnelly World Tour. 8 Venues, 8 Different Beers (styles of Uncommon & Upright Brewing) and a chance to win a trip to Oregon Craft beer week. Grab a passport at any Donnelly Pub and get started. 9 days to drink 9 beers is a lifetime considering what you all drink on an average week. Details here.

Tuesday night marks the 1st Annual Battle of the Bartenders beer cocktail competition at Clough Club. Bartenders from all over Vancouver will compete in a Beer cocktail mix-off using Rogue Brewing’s Captain Sig ale. A deadly catch if there ever was one. Tickets for that or the cask fest at Lamplighter next door are still available here.

Thursday night is a double shot for us. Brothers in Hops makes its second annual show at Smileys Public House featuring four amazing brewers and double that amount in beer styles. We also have a special guest who will be featuring a hoppy home brew. Tickets available here.┬áMost of these beers won’t be available in Vancouver for quite some time.

That same night at Bimini will be the first ever Craft Beer Fantasy Draught. A walkup event that will encourage very technical picks and choices to construct the ultimate bar bill. Space is limited so get the crew together and come run through the 24 lines the Bimini Public House. More information here.

Lots going on this week, if you’re planning on hitting up your favourite beer bar over the next 9 days make sure to check out the website or call ahead to ensure they aren’t bought out. Have a great week!