The Epic Cocktail Competitions are Coming

It used to be that cocktail competitions happened but once or twice a year, and only a select few industry folks would ever hear the results. Thankfully the old ways are behind us and brands have started to hold some very fun and intricate competitions for Vancouver’s top Barkeeps.

Two notable competitions that have caught the service industry’s attention are the Giffard ‘Zero Proof’ Cocktail competition and the Scout Magazine Bartender Competition (formerly Barate Kid).

Giffard has always been a competition that I’ve looked forward to. Each year it gets bigger and bigger and the winner of the Vancouver leg goes on to compete on the global stage in France against the world’s best. Vancouverites have gone on to take the #1 and #2 spots in France. This year’s competition is slightly different, make a ‘Zero Proof’ cocktail using a variety of Giffard’s non-alcoholic syrups. The prize? $500 for the winner, $250 for second place. Not too shabby for a mocktail. Anyone can enter this competition providing they are a member of the Canadian Professional Bartender Association. If you’re a member already, go here. To learn more about the CPBA and become a member, go here. Who couldn’t use $500? The competition will be held at Legacy Liquor Store on June 5, 2012 from 2pm-5pm. Not a bartender? There will be a Product Salon happening at the same time and loads of activity watching and cheering on. Come say hi!

The Scout Bartender competition consists is tournament-based. It is designed by Bartenders for Bartenders. The media/celebrity judges have been omitted in favour of a peer-focused panel. There is an entrance exam to start which will be a mix of questions on all sorts of levels. From beginner content to high expertise. The top 16 scores will advance to the next round which will be an onslaught of tests and challenges, blind tastings, cocktail creation, speed & cleanliness. Even a personality round. The entrance exam is June 4, 2012 at the Keefer bar. The finals begin July 2 early afternoon and a winner will be announced by early evening. For more information or to throw your hawthorne in the ring email This competition is open to any bartenders across British Columbia. (thanks to for the image).