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The name Herschel Supply Co. has become synonymous with backpacks and duffels. With over 400 options, these bags are growing out of control. I had the chance to chat with Herschel Supply’s Caley Vanular to find out more about the brand and a little bit about her.









Adele Tetangco: What exactly do you do at Herschel Supply Co?
Caley Vanular:
I’m the Digital Marketing & Media Manager

AT: Tell me the number one thing that you like about working at Herschel. CV: Young, innovative and growing. Every person in the company plays an important roll in the outcome of the brand.

AT: How many Herschel bags do you own?
: Currently I have the camoflauge outfitter for snowboard trips, Bad Hills Dusk Red Novel for weekends or overnights, Red Strand for the gym, Camouflage Pop Quiz Computer Sleeve, Army Cotton Canvas Settlement for everyday and a brown nubuck leather Charlie wallet.

AT: Tell me your biggest twitter blunder.
I personally haven’t had any yet, although before we started contributing on twitter someone in the company had accidentally linked the @HerschelSupply account to their personal account and sent out about six tweets… I had to go in and fix that one at 3am.

AT: What are your top three Herschel bags?
My three favourite Herschel Supply bags are:

1. Cotton Canvas Settlement ($79.99).
2. Strand Duffel ($59.99).
3. Cotton Canvas Novel ($109.99).

AT: What’s your favourite collaboration that Herschel has done to date?
I am really into the new Stussy & Herschel Supply Aloha Collection and the older Holden for Herschel Supply Collection.

AT: Tell me about you. I want to hear about you. What’s one thing you can’t live without?
I couldn’t live without the great outdoors.

AT: Do you have a go-to outfit?
Acne boots, good fitting denim and a classic t-shirt.

AT: If you were allowed to splurge on one fashion piece, what would you buy?
A great pair of Leather Boots or Jacket.

AT: Name your favourite colour?
Forest Green.

AT: If you could design your own backpack, what would it look like?
It would be a technical backcountry backpack that looks like a simple settlement backpack. The backpack would be plain on the outside and over equipped on the inside so you could actually use it for everything, anywhere.









AT: One more thing, where can we find Herschel Backpacks?
Online at www.herschelsupply.com.

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