Eugene Choo

Thirteen years and counting, that’s how long Eugene Choo has been on Main Street. I was able to catch up with owner Kildare Curtis where he reminded me why I love his store as much as I do.

Adele Tetangco: How did you come up with the name Eugene Choo? It’s pretty unique.  Kildare Curtis: The name comes from a childhood friend of mine (he is to my knowledge, still not aware of this). When my sister and I merged our 2 stores, it was a compromise on names.

AT:  Wow, your childhood friend is going to be in for a surprise if he ever finds out. How long have you been in business for?
13 years for Eugene Choo and 1 year for the Eugene Choo Annex.

AT: Lucky number 13! Tell me about the Annex. Why did you decide to open it?
The Annex was a natural extension of our love of shoes and bags (we were always limited on space for both) it was also fortuitous, as we had looked at opening a shoe store in the same storefront 10 years ago.

AT: I guess everything falls into place eventually. What do you sell in there? What brands?
: Shoes, bags, and accessories by APC, A detacher, Aigle, Apartment Five, Armando Cabral, Archival, Converse, Dace, JW Hulme, La Botte Gardiane, H by Hudson, Clae,  Strathcona Stockings, Hansel from Basel, New Balance, Rokin,  and Erin Templeton to name a few.

AT: What about the clothes? What kind of style do you look for when you’re buying clothes for the stores?
I try to keep things within a classic style, but I would not say boring. I like colour, patterns, and texture. The quality has to be there as well. We also like to support local and Canadian made.

AT: What are some of the best selling brands you carry for the clothes?
It would have to be APC and Steven Alan and then Lifetime Collective and Dace for locals.

AT: Can you tell me something that you’ve been re-stocking forever because it always sells out?
it’s actually a candle called Red Currant that we burn in the store it’s a real crowd pleaser.

AT: Ah! I know that smell. It’s synonymous with the Eugene Choo store. I love that my packaging smells like it when I leave the store. Can you name something you don’t carry – but want to?
Super Sunglasses.
AT: Ummm… what’s hold you back?? Those glasses are amazing!

AT: Tell me about something that women always go to Eugene Choo to look for?
The perfect dress, something that can be worn casually and / or dressed up.

AT: What about for men?
A good-looking suit.

AT: I always ask, what music is paying in the store right now?
I’m a big music fan, but I will often let the staff choose what they listen to. At the moment I’m stuck on Jake Bugg and the staff tend to be leaning heavily on a Trojan records box set of early rock steady, ska, and reggae.

Eugene Choo
3683 Main Street
Vancouver, BC V5V 3N6
T. 604-873-8874

Eugene Choo Annex
3697 Main Street
Vancouver BC
V5V 3N6

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