Meadow Gifts + Apparel

Stepping into Meadow Gifts + Apparel is like walking into a candy store. There are so many little things to look at that you become mesmerize. Oh yeah, and you drool a little too.

Adele Tetangco: When did you open?
Casey Myrfield + Sasha Freeman:
We opened our doors on November 6, 2012.

AT: I go to your store all the time and love it, but for someone who hasn’t, can you tell them about it?
CM + SF:
We carry gift items and clothing for men, women and children. Almost all of our products are handmade. We carefully select everything for the shop – we want “cool” handmade. We are very selective about what we sell. We want the shop to be a happy and accessible place so you want to stay for a while and see what we have to offer.

AT: How would you describe your store in 3 words?
CM + SF:
Whimsical, inspired and accessible.

AT: What types of items do you carry?
CM + SF:
We have a great selection of baby & kids clothing (t-shirts, leggings, moccasins), women’s dresses and jewellery,  leather satchels, cool art prints, handmade soap, men’s t-shirts, and a lot of cute little items that you didn’t know you needed until you saw them at our shop.

AT: Are they all independent lines?
CM + SF:
Yes  98% of our brands are small, independent lines. The majority are handmade.

AT: You ladies aren’t lying about all of those cute little things. I’ve bought quite a few packs of those paper straws.  Do I use straws? No- but I still bought them. Where do you do find all of the items you stock.
CM + SF:
We have had a “dream list” of brands we would stock if we ever opened a shop. We have talked about opening a shop for years. We have both been selling our own lines of handmade products for a while and so we have met and been exposed to a lot of really talented makers.

AT: I have to buy a b-day gift and I only have $50. What should I buy?
CM + SF:

BABY – A Hazel Village doll and a book.
WOMEN – Soap and Paper Factory hand cream and a necklace.
MEN – A flask and a couple of Brooklyn Rehab shot glasses.

AT: Name something in that you’re constantly re-stocking.
CM + SF:
Gnome Enterprises t-shirts for men ($34) and toddlers ($28).

AT: Name an item you carry that’s a personal favourite.
CM + SF:
Berkley Illustration prints ($25).

AT: I love weird stories. Have any you can tell me?
CM + SF:
We had a fledgling crow fly into the shop not long ago – that was interesting. A nice (and brave) customer very kindly carried it outside for us.

AT: I always ask – what music is playing on your store’s play list?
CM + SF:
Wild Nothing has been playing a lot lately. Right now Fleetwood Mac is on….so a little of this and a little of that.

Meadow Gifts + Apparel
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