I just received an informative lesson about denim from dutil. in Gastown. Do you want one too? All you have to do is read this:

Adele Tetangco: When did dutil. first open?
dutil. opened in April 2006

AT: Tell me about the craziest pair of jeans you’ve ever carried / had in-store.
In my opinion, the craziest pair of jeans we’ve ever had were a pair of $800 men’s jeans that were highly distressed and patched up with pieces of corduroy.

AT: What types of brands to you carry? Which ones are the best sellers?
We carry brands from all over the world, and in a price range between $68 and $500 (some lower, some higher). We are most proud of our hand loomed raw denim styles (hand dyed, hand loomed, hand sewn) from the USA and Japan, but we’ve got great raw options from all over the place – including Canada!

For men we carry washed styles and chinos, corduroys and shorts, jackets and shirts. For women, we carry some raw denim, as well as many great basics for everyday wear, as well as fun, fashion-forward pieces to keep up with the trends. Coloured jeans, chinos, printed jeans, shorts, vests, and jackets!

The idea is to carry denim for all, not just for fashionistas – but making sure we’re carrying some wicked pieces for those who are a little bit more fashion forward. Examples of brands would be: Naked & Famous, The West is Dead, Tellason, Rogue Territory, Pure Blue Japan (exclusive to us in Canada), Neuw, Scotch & Soda, BLK Denim, Baldwin, and Henry & Belle (plus many more!)

AT: What’s trending for denim right now?
At this exact moment in time, bright colours, crazy prints (for women), boyfriend jeans (for women) are trending. What’s always trending? Slim fit, dark wash, mid-rise jeans for both men and women.

AT: Since you guys are denim experts – I feel like I can ask you this. For the people reading, yay or nay to the “jegging”? Are people still wearing those / should people still be wearing those?
  Ahhhh, the jegging. Personally, I think it really depends on the jegging. Some are absolutely terrible and should make their way onto the bodies of no one. With that being said, some jeggings can totally rock – for example; the Henry & Belle Super Skinny is stretchy enough to fall into the jegging category, and it looks amazing on 99% of women. Levi’s Red Tab does a great jegging as well. We’ve got a few different jeggings in stock, and I have to say, they’re pretty awesome. Who wouldn’t want to be that comfortable and look that good?

AT: What kind of fit are the guys walking into your store currently look for?
D: It seems to me that men MOST often want a slim, straight fit. With that being said, we have everyone from teenagers to baby boomers (and up) walking in here, everyone wants something different.

AT: What about for the ladies? 
For women, the most important factor is how the derriere looks – whether it be in a skinny, straight, or bootcut. With that being said, the most popular fit currently is the high rise skinny.

AT: Can you tell me about something that you keep selling out of?
To be honest, we spend a lot of time choosing the brands we carry, and then choosing the best styles from each of those brands. There isn’t any one brand that we can’t keep in stock, it’s all of them! We re-order most brands every week or two weeks to keep up with the demands.

AT: Claim to fame?
Our claim to fame? Our customer service! We try our hardest to make sure that everyone that walks in gets the help that they need/deserve so that they leave happy. We would rather sell someone a lower priced jean that looks great on than a jean that costs a lot, but isn’t doing them any favours. We pride ourselves in that.

AT: What music is playing from the store’s speakers right now?
What’s playing from our speakers right now? Funny you should ask! We JUST released (July 11th, 2013) our first vinyl collaboration album Serotonin – To Long For – You, Sessions Vol. 1. It’s a vinyl-only album with 9 different artists on it. We’ve got Vancouver artists, Toronto artists and a couple from the US of A.

The idea behind the vinyl-only concept was to make a stand against getting music for free (downloading) and try and push for people to start buying music again. The thing with vinyl is that you can hold the cover in your hand, flip it over, open it up, read the liner notes and learn about the artists. You can also admire the cover art, smell it, pull out the vinyl, put it on your record player, put the needle down, listen, flip it, put the needle down again, flip it, listen to it, touch it, look at it, smell it! There is something nostalgic about the vinyl album, but it also ensures the artists are making money off of their music. You can purchase the album for $25 in store, or online here.

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