GABF – or The Great American Beer Festival


There is something ¬†glorious occurring this weekend. Hundreds of brewers from all over will be gathering in one convention centre. Each will bring a variety of their proprietary beers to showcase to the masses. Each beer sample will cost guests nothing but the price of their already purchased ticket. There will be gentlemen dressed up as ‘Beers’ (if you can’t read that properly that’s a fake fur suit with antlers, a ‘B’ear crossed with a D’eer’. (Get it?). Girls will dress as wenches. Salesmen will over pay for massive branded beer pouring stations. There will be pretzels, pub food, miniature versions of regular food. And beer. Oh yes, there will be beer.

Sounds like a pretty decent place to be doesn’t it? There is a catch, actually, there are a few. First – this place… its in Denver. That’s right. The biggest beer festival in North America takes place every October in Denver, Colorado. Second – it is sold out. It actually sold out in 4 minutes. Seriously. almost 20,000 tickets over 2 days sold in 4 minutes. You can still find tickets on Stub-Hub and the like, but the third catch: they are being sold at almost TRIPLE face value (and you thought Canucks scalpers were bad).

So, keep your eye on twitter this weekend if you want to keep up on all the beer you’re not drinking. Also – there are a handful of Vancouverites heading that way, maybe they’ll stuff you into their suitcase.

So now that we’re both crying into our beer this weekend about not going to GABF in Denver. A couple things to keep you entertained this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend:

1) The Blackbird Public House & Oyster Bar is opening its doors. So come visit, mention this post to one of the managers and we’ll get you a pint for your troubles. (905 Dunsmuir open 5pm-Late).

2) Check this sick infogram about all sorts of breweries in the US that will probably be giving away beer this weekend in Denver: