8th + Main

8th + Main in on the corner of 8th + Main (duh). If you have never been, you probably should. According to the store’s owner Scott, all of your friends are doing it 😉


Adele Tetangco: 8th & Main is a newer store – correct? When did you first open?
: Yes, we opened in February, but we didn’t have a name for a couple months.

AT: What kind of store is it?
It’s a young men’s and women’s clothing store. Our main focus is quality at a very affordable price, and a large, interesting selection.

AT: It’s a really big space! Can you tell us what you have in there?
It’s almost 6,000 sq ft. and new stock arrives daily. Our core brands are from the USA and Denmark, but we also order from Thailand, Korea, Mexico and France.

Women’s: BB Dakota, Everly, Insight, Jack, Just USA, Levis, Peppermint, Piko, Only, Vero Moda, WeSC…

Men’s: Alternative Apparel, Ben Sherman, Brixton, Comune, Insight, Jack & Jones, Levis, Matix, Penfield, Rook, RVLT, Selected, WeSC…

Because the space is so large we’re able to support a lot of smaller, emerging brands as well. We’re always hunting for new and random things from all over the world. One of our main goals this year is to expand our shoes and accessories selection.

AT: Can you tell me what the best selling item in the store is right now?
S: Probably the black hi-waisted skinny jeans from Just USA ($45).

AT: Someone comes in and has $150 to burn – what should they buy?
I dress very simply so I won’t bore you with my choices. The best part of our store is the price. $150 usually gets you 5 or 6 things in the women’s section, 3 or 4 in the men’s.

AT: I don’t care about little things. I like spending money because I have a lot of it. [This isn’t really me – it’s a pretend rich person] What’s the most expensive thing in your store that I can buy?
If you want to spend a ton of money on 1 piece you’re in the wrong store. We have almost nothing over $100 except for some really nice jackets and leather boots.

AT: Why should people shop at 8th and Main?
Your friends are doing it.

AT: What music is playing in the store?
Last week I heard a lot of 50’s and 60’s music that I liked, and rap. One staff member has an insatiable hunger for pop divas.

AT: What are people looking to buy these days?
Trends are so circular now I don’t think they matter much to anyone with good taste. Rip up your fashion mags and buy what makes you feel good.

AT: Tell me about something that was brought into the store that you’re surprised has sold.
The Fast Food Sweatshirt. Sorry, it’s long gone.

AT: I would have loved to have saw that.

8th + Main
2403 Main Street

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