Holly Boutique

I’ve always been a little curious when it comes to people that have eponymous business names. How do you answer the phone?  So I had to ask Holly Wong from Gastown boutique Holly about it (among other things).


AT: Does it feel weird to you that your name and store name are the same? When you answer the phone, do you say, “Holly, this is Holly speaking”?
Yes it still is odd for me that the boutique is named after me.  To be honest I didn’t want to name the boutique after myself, but we had gone through so many names.  Then my co-buyer at the time suggested my name and the rest became history.

Adele Tetangco: Tell me about Holly (the store), when did it first open?
Holly Wong:  
I first opened the store almost 4 years ago. I had opened in February 2010 right before the Olympics. I wanted to bring brands that were as easily accessible in Vancouver and styles that are unique and different that was out there. I wanted to inspire the best out of people.

AT: What made you decide to open a store?
I wanted to share with people that they could be trendy and fashionable with ease.  The pieces I bring to the boutique are meant revive your closet.

AT: What kinds of lines do you carry?
I try to carry quality lines that last longer than a season. I carry Joie, Rebecca Taylor, Parker NY, and Torn by Ronny Kobo (to name a few). I also have a great line from Australia that is a great price point that has trendy and fun pieces.  In addition, you can also purchase fashion denim from the shop (7 for all Mankind, Current Elliott, and Siwy Denim).

AT: What’s your most favourite brand and why?
It’s hard to pick one favourite.  I will say that Joie is definitely in the top.  I love many of their classic pieces and their cuts are just so flattering on the body.  They have such beautiful print and silks that I really dresses up the every day.

AT: What’s popular in store right now?
Usually around this time people start looking for holiday dresses, so we have quite a few different options in the shop right now.  And since it’s getting chilly, our sweaters have been selling really well.

AT: I have $200 – what can I buy? Dress me!
  I would suggest a dress. This way you don’t have to match a top to a bottom.  I personally love dresses. They’re easy and convenient, just throw one on and you’re out the door.  The dress I would choose is our new one from Pink Stitch that is only $125.  With the rest of your budget I would purchase a piece of jewelry to match either from House of Harlow or Low Luv Jewelry by Erin Wasson.  It’s the perfect little black dress, with sheer mesh sleeves and shoulders. The bodice is fitted while this skirt flares out.

AT: Daytime or nighttime person?
Both, I seem to be more productive at night, but I like to be up early to get more done in the day.  So I like both.

AT: Tell me about your go-to outfit.
My go to outfit would be a pair of distressed denim Current Elliotts that we carried the first year the boutique was open and a silk blouse.  I like the contrast of “feminine and pretty” with “edgy and rough”.  I like to mix things up with my attire and wardrobe. I’d pair this with some heels and a bunch of wraps and bracelets.

AT: What’s playing on the speakers?
Marina and the Diamonds (I love her voice), Florrie, Rhye, Vampire Weekend, and Bat for Lashes.


215 – 332 Water Street
Vancouver V6B 1B6
T. (604) 681-8883

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