Alexandra Grant

I really enjoyed this talk I had with Vancouver Blogger and Social Media Expert Alexandra Grant.  Yeah, that’s a big title, but she does a lot. Really.

AlexandraGrant - studio

Adele Tetangco: What exactly do you do?
Alexandra Grant:
 I’m a style blogger at To Vogue or Bust and communications manager at Obakki/Obakki Foundation.

AT: How do you find the time to do everything that you do?
I literally schedule my days down to the half hour – taking time to plan everything helps minimize freakouts. I’m also all about Poppin – they have the best notebooks that really help with to-do lists, brainstorm maps, etc!

AT: How did you get into blogging and social media? Did you go to school for writing?
: I have a BA in Psychology then did a post-grad in Journalism, so while I was always writing (I also wrote freelance all through uni), blogging was what really propelled me into social media. Funnily enough though, despite social media management being one of my main duties professionally now, I was super resistant to it at first. I don’t think I even got a Twitter account set up for my blog until over a year in!

AT: What’s your fave thing about running your own blog?
I love being able to take what’s inspiring me in my everyday life and channeling it editorially – it helps me feel more inspired with the everyday and also challenges me to see beauty and style everywhere. I also love being able to directly connect with others through the blog – whether it’s my readers or other bloggers, I really love the blogging community.

AT: Who takes your photos?
My boyfriend takes most of my photos! He’s got a great eye and even greater patience. When he’s unavailable though, my friends or sisters step in!

AT: Is it hard to be constantly sourcing new outfits to post?
Plotting outfits is one of my favourite hobbies/mind games as it is, so usually it’s not too hard…I’ll think about how I’d like to style a particular piece while falling asleep or walking to work, so usually the obsession helps fuel the work. Every now and then though, I do run out of style inspiration or am just too plain exhausted to muster the energy to source new outfits. When that happens, I try not to fight it – if anything, I’ll make an admission of my blogger’s block in a post and just wear a classic look. I think it helps to be honest about it and to show how those timeless uniforms can really be of value when you’re out of inspo!

AT: Any advice for someone who wants to become a blogger?
Despite appearances, blogging isn’t easy. I personally know so many people who’ve started blogs only to have them stall out when they realized how much work they are to maintain. My main advice is to figure out why you want to start a blog in the first place, because that’s going to be the fuel that will keep you going and that will motivate you to put the time and effort in. What’s unique about you and what special message, style or voice do you have to share?

AT: Tell me about your most fave post that you’ve done.
That’s a tricky one…I’ve gotta say, one that was really special to me was when my dog passed away last month and I did something dedicated to him. I loved him more than anything and it was so special to see how so many readers and blogger friends who had never even met him had also fallen for him through my posts and Instagram! It also really demonstrated just how tight-knit and supportive the blogging community is – the messages and outpouring of love were incredible.

AT: Any #twitterfails / blunders?
Nothing major but wires definitely can get crossed when you have multiple accounts! Always. Check. Which profile. You’re in!

AT: Fave place to shop in Vancouver?
I love tracking down my Obakki pieces at Holt Renfrew and Moule (also at Garmentory for past collections)! I also love Rebecca Bree – such a beautiful space.

AT: Fave place to eat?
I love Homer St. Cafe for a relaxed dinner with friends, and Flying Pig is always good too.

AT: Go-to outfit:
Skinny jeans from James Jeans (my favourite denim brand), booties, layered jewelry from local favourites Keltie Leanne Designs, KV Bijou or Brooklyn Designs, one of my coats from Obakki, a soft T-shirt and a ginormous scarf (Zara has a great selection right now).

AT: Name one thing in your closet that you can’t let yourself to let go?
: Could never part with my Twenty8Twelve leather jacket!

AT: What’s playing on your ipod?
AG: “Chances” by The Strokes, “Oh Yoko!” by John Lennon and “I Summon You” by Spoon!

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