Anita Sikma

Hmmm… Anita Sikma. I can’t even write a description. Just read our interview. She’s as real as they get. Me likely.

Adele Tetangco: I looooovvvee your jewelry. How long have you been doing this for?
Anita Sikma:
I feel like I’ve been at this for a while, but really only the past 10 years I guess. I started at VCC in the Jewelry Design and Metal Techniques program in the fall of 2004. I graduated in the spring of 2006. I also took jewelry as an elective in 2001 at ACAD, kinda ironic because I was debating whether to take that or textiles. My good friend Shelly convinced me that jewelry was more who I am (thanks Shelly). After I left ACAD in 2002, I continued my fine art studies at ECIAD but left after a year and began at VCC.

So, I guess about 10 years. I absolutely love it.


AT: How did you get into it?
I think I have to say that, jewelry was generally something I’ve always loved. Maybe all girls can say that, but I’ve always been artistic, loved fashion, and loved stories. Jewelry usually has a story, whether it be the necklace your mom always wore, or the jewelry she always hid, the earrings that made my Nonna’s earlobes stretch, the rings my Zia flashed every time she spoke…all of it. I even remember taking these heavy crystals off my mom’s standing ashtray and looping them through the earrings I had on…I was four. I did get my ears pierced when I was 6 months old, gotta get that gold on young! Jewelry was always something I loved, needed, wanted and inherited.

AT: Is everything done by hand and hand made in Vancouver?
Yes, absolutely. Everything that you see is designed and made my solely by me. The only things that I have imported are the chains, which are made in Italy. I outsource to take my waxes to get casted, but that’s it.

AT: What’s your best selling piece?
That’s pretty hard to say, I’ve sold a lot of the PALACE piece over the past year, and also a lot of the 3D. The PERSPECTIVE crosses are kinda hot right now.

AT: What types of materials do you use?
I work mostly with sterling silver, but I do a lot of custom work. Most of my custom orders are wedding rings, so yellow and white golds are fair game too. In the past two years I started casting in bronze, it’s gotten great reviews and I love it too.

AT: Where can I buy your jewelry?
I have been selling at Eugene Choo for the past two years. I also have a select amount of stock at Cavailer Gastown. I sell by appointment at my studio, and online at You can find my sale items at

AT: Claim to fame?
My boyfriend insists on answering this one. He says that I’m great at impersonations.

AT: Tell me about your go to outfit?
I’d be lying if it didn’t include a worn white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. My favorite jeans right now are these black high waisted vintage Parasucco’s I got this summer at the Sally in Regina. My favorite shoes are heeled sandals, but in the fall I mostly wear boots.

AT: Where’s your favorite place to eat in Vancouver?
I love Via Tevere on Victoria Drive. Their pizzas are killer, and the arugala salad and olives are my ultimate appy picks! I also really liked Mescal on the Drive. The Sardine Can is fun and super delicious. But my favorite place to eat is at home, with my boyfriend or at a friend’s place with good music and company.

AT: Fave place to shop?
Depends what for really. My favorite place for food is Santa Barbara on the Drive, shoes is Gravity Pope (although I can’t usually afford it), clothes shopping…vintage. I love Community Thrift and My Sister’s Closet. It all comes down the dime really.

AT: If you could meet anyone living or dead, who would it be?
That is such a hard question. I wanna say Madonna Meryl Streep, or Goldie Hawn, but really I wouldn’t wanna meet any of those women. I guess since you never said they had to be famous or it would be the first time we meet.. I’m gonna go with someone alive. I’d like to meet my mom in an hour for a glass of wine. Sorry for twisting that one.

AT: Favourite movie, tell me.
I was joking about this to my boyfriend last night. The first title that came into my mind was “She Devil“, with Rosanne Barr and Meryl Streep. It was my favorite when I was a kid. I love the makeover Rosanne gets, career, life, self-respect. And Meryl Streep is the sh*t any day, any movie.

AT: What was your fave TV show in the 80s?
So hard to narrow it down to one, but I loved Family Ties and Cheers. Come on, who can’t say that Cheers is #1?? Woody?

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