30 Days of IPA

30 Days of IPA_WEB_TMLN

Well, it’s back. One of the most challenging beer initiatives we’ve endeavored to produce in this group of ours: 30 Days of IPA. There’s a lot of moving parts in this program but is very easily summed up with the following:

30 Days
30 Breweries
10 Venues
30 unique IPAs

Last year saw just over 20 breweries send IPAs our way and I’ll be honest, we had to cheat a little bit to make the whole 30 day thing happen (there may have been an ISA or two mixed in).

This year is no joke: 30 unique Breweries have come to the table. We have one-off styles, regularly available styles being tapped in venues that wouldn’t normally have them and some brand new launch styles. It’s a new IPA to enjoy every day for 30 days.

The event starts this Friday, August 1 at The Three Brits with Cannery Brewing’s IPA. from there each venue gets an IPA on a rotation. But don’t assume you can sit back and wait on this – some of these kegs are extremely limited and there’s no promise the beer will last past the first day. If you happen to find me in one of the pubs come have a chat – I’ll buy your first IPA (if there’s any left). Here’s the full calendar to help you to plan your month. August just got very Hoppy.


See more at: http://donnellygroup.ca/18890/30-days-of-ipa-returns/#sthash.Tg8fnNuM.dpuf