30 Days of IPA Finale

August has been a crazy month of beer launches, cask tappings and IPA drinking. Across the group we’ve seen never-before-poured options as well as unique one-off casks – we even persuaded Parallel 49 to bring back 187-on-a-muthaf**kin hop! In a month that has so many moving parts (8 Venues, 30 Breweries, 30 different IPAs) we’ve managed to keep our IBU levels above 50 for the entirety of August.

As with any promotion of this size and length, we want to make sure that we close it out in style. To do so we know we have to bring something that no one has ever experienced before.

We’re extremely excited to finally let you all in on something that has been nearly impossible for us to hold under wraps.
On Monday August 31 as the official wrap-up to 30 Days of IPA we will be tapping the only cask on mainland British Columbia of Driftwood Brewery’s newest IPA: Raised By Wolves.


This beer is in serious limited release. With only 7 kegs coming over on the ferry and 2 casks in existence Lamplighter was honored to be one of the few pubs in Vancouver to be able to tap Raised by Wolves back on August 17. Now, just two weeks later, we close out the 2015 30 Days of IPA promotion with Driftwood Brewing.

We want to thank everyone that participated in this year’s 30 Days of IPA and welcome everyone to join us at Lamplighter Public House on Monday, August 31 at 3pm as we tap this cask. We’re don’t know who actually will be tapping the cask, but he might look something like this:



Raised By Wolves is the latest limited release IPA from Driftwood Brewery. Brewed with Equinox hops, it has a pronounced aroma profile of citrus, tropical fruit, floral and herbal characteristics with an overall flavor profile of lemon, lime, papaya, and green pepper. The ABV sits around 7.5%, & IBU is in and around 80. So it is a little bit beefed up to Fat Tug, but not as bold as Twenty Pounder. The wild yeast is also slightly different; it used to be called Brettanomyces, but they have discovered that it is actually Saccharomyces Cerevisiae.
It is not a Belgian IPA that’s for sure.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 12.11.35 PM