Don’t Save the Date, Do Buy This Beer

You can’t come to our legendary holiday staff party, but you can grab a Goodwill Lager and help the Donnelly Group Toy Drive give more toys to more kids. Go on, have a drink for the kids.

Our notoriously festive holiday staff party is once again taking place in downtown Vancouver. And once again, you’re not invited. Sorry. You can, however, buy a can of Goodwill Lager and get in on the best part of the action. Let us explain.

Since its inception, the employee-led Donnelly Group Toy Drive that culminates in our annual holiday throwdown has raised nearly a million dollars in funds and toys for deserving families. It began with our founder, Jeff Donnelly, his mother and a handful of friends when they gathered at the Granville Room 18 years ago to donate some toys and tip back a few in celebration of the holidays.

The merrimaking has been a consistent byproduct ever since, but the event itself has grown from a group of friends meeting in a pub to the multifaceted and completely employee-driven  charity it is today. This year, over 900 Donnelly Group employees will personally spend a $50 Toys ‘R’ Us gift card purchased by the company. And through ongoing partnerships with local charities such as The Salvation Army that curate lists of requested items, they’re able to ensure that the toys selected are opened and enjoyed by those who need them.

The goal has always been to find ways to donate even more money and toys to the cause and involve more people in the process. This year, rather than inviting the people to the charity, we’re bringing the charity to the people in the most appropriate way we could fathom, a can of beer.

Donnelly Group has teamed up with Red Truck Beer to brew the first-ever Goodwill Lager, available at all Donnelly Group establishments and the Truck Stop Diner at Red Truck Beer. For every can of Goodwill Lager sold, $1 will be donated to the Toy Drive.

Brewed with the season in mind, Goodwill Lager is a medium bodied, malt-forward Vienna-style lager that will warm your soul from the outside in like a thick, ugly sweater. Made with slow-roasted caramel malts, it offers a smooth and rich flavour that will make it a holiday season go-to.

By purchasing a can of Goodwill Lager, you’re helping to put presents in the hands of children who may otherwise go without. And you should feel really damn good about that. You still can’t come to our staff party though. Sorry.

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