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Friday, August 09

Maggie Chok


I came across this graphic designer and fell in love with her work. Now you can too. 

Adele Tetangco: What’s your full name?
Maggie Chok:
Maggie Chok

AT: What do you do?
Freelance Graphic Designer

AT: How long have you been designing for?
3-4 years

AT: Where did you go to school?
Emily Carr University

AT: Tell me about something you’re currently working on.
Right now…  Garmentory—an online venue that lets boutique sell their sales goods with my number one homie girl, Adele :)
AT: That’s right – that’s me! (Shameful plug: it launches soon).

AT: What’s been your biggest break?
Haha…maybe sooon??

AT: Tell me about the biggest blunder you’ve had on the job.
Had a book bound that ended up cutting out half a girl’s face in a fashion show catalogue…
Sounds tragic.

AT: What’s the most favourite place that you’ve ever traveled?

AT:  What are your go-to shoes?
White leather converse low-tops.

AT: Cool hair – who cuts it?
: Reiko at Beach Hair Studio on Thurlow.

AT: name something you can’t live without.
Getting into my bed after a shower butt-naked into clean sheets.
I feel ya.

AT: What would you do if you won a million dollars?
Travel everywhere and take charted plane rides to remote places.
Please, say you’d take me with you…

AT: What’s your favourite colour?
Light Grey

AT: What’s your favourite place to eat at?
La Taqueria

AT: One more thing – I like your style. Where can I shop so that I can look like you?
This weird online Korean boutique called StyleNanda.

Follow Maggie:
Twitter: @ooobarracuda

Thursday, August 01


I just received an informative lesson about denim from dutil. in Gastown. Do you want one too? All you have to do is read this:

Adele Tetangco: When did dutil. first open?
dutil. opened in April 2006

AT: Tell me about the craziest pair of jeans you’ve ever carried / had in-store.
In my opinion, the craziest pair of jeans we’ve ever had were a pair of $800 men’s jeans that were highly distressed and patched up with pieces of corduroy.

AT: What types of brands to you carry? Which ones are the best sellers?
We carry brands from all over the world, and in a price range between $68 and $500 (some lower, some higher). We are most proud of our hand loomed raw denim styles (hand dyed, hand loomed, hand sewn) from the USA and Japan, but we’ve got great raw options from all over the place – including Canada!

For men we carry washed styles and chinos, corduroys and shorts, jackets and shirts. For women, we carry some raw denim, as well as many great basics for everyday wear, as well as fun, fashion-forward pieces to keep up with the trends. Coloured jeans, chinos, printed jeans, shorts, vests, and jackets!

The idea is to carry denim for all, not just for fashionistas – but making sure we’re carrying some wicked pieces for those who are a little bit more fashion forward. Examples of brands would be: Naked & Famous, The West is Dead, Tellason, Rogue Territory, Pure Blue Japan (exclusive to us in Canada), Neuw, Scotch & Soda, BLK Denim, Baldwin, and Henry & Belle (plus many more!)

AT: What’s trending for denim right now?
At this exact moment in time, bright colours, crazy prints (for women), boyfriend jeans (for women) are trending. What’s always trending? Slim fit, dark wash, mid-rise jeans for both men and women.

AT: Since you guys are denim experts – I feel like I can ask you this. For the people reading, yay or nay to the “jegging”? Are people still wearing those / should people still be wearing those?
  Ahhhh, the jegging. Personally, I think it really depends on the jegging. Some are absolutely terrible and should make their way onto the bodies of no one. With that being said, some jeggings can totally rock – for example; the Henry & Belle Super Skinny is stretchy enough to fall into the jegging category, and it looks amazing on 99% of women. Levi’s Red Tab does a great jegging as well. We’ve got a few different jeggings in stock, and I have to say, they’re pretty awesome. Who wouldn’t want to be that comfortable and look that good?

AT: What kind of fit are the guys walking into your store currently look for?
D: It seems to me that men MOST often want a slim, straight fit. With that being said, we have everyone from teenagers to baby boomers (and up) walking in here, everyone wants something different.

AT: What about for the ladies? 
For women, the most important factor is how the derriere looks – whether it be in a skinny, straight, or bootcut. With that being said, the most popular fit currently is the high rise skinny.

AT: Can you tell me about something that you keep selling out of?
To be honest, we spend a lot of time choosing the brands we carry, and then choosing the best styles from each of those brands. There isn’t any one brand that we can’t keep in stock, it’s all of them! We re-order most brands every week or two weeks to keep up with the demands.

AT: Claim to fame?
Our claim to fame? Our customer service! We try our hardest to make sure that everyone that walks in gets the help that they need/deserve so that they leave happy. We would rather sell someone a lower priced jean that looks great on than a jean that costs a lot, but isn’t doing them any favours. We pride ourselves in that.

AT: What music is playing from the store’s speakers right now?
What’s playing from our speakers right now? Funny you should ask! We JUST released (July 11th, 2013) our first vinyl collaboration album Serotonin – To Long For – You, Sessions Vol. 1. It’s a vinyl-only album with 9 different artists on it. We’ve got Vancouver artists, Toronto artists and a couple from the US of A.

The idea behind the vinyl-only concept was to make a stand against getting music for free (downloading) and try and push for people to start buying music again. The thing with vinyl is that you can hold the cover in your hand, flip it over, open it up, read the liner notes and learn about the artists. You can also admire the cover art, smell it, pull out the vinyl, put it on your record player, put the needle down, listen, flip it, put the needle down again, flip it, listen to it, touch it, look at it, smell it! There is something nostalgic about the vinyl album, but it also ensures the artists are making money off of their music. You can purchase the album for $25 in store, or online here.

303 West Cordova
Vancouver, BC V6B 1E5

Follow dutil.
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Twitter: @dutildenimshop
Instagram: @dutildenim

Friday, July 26

Liz Bell


Oh ya know, JUST interviewing Liz Bell and talking about everything from modeling to pizza toppings.

Adele Tetangco: How long have you been in the modeling industry for?
Liz Bell:
32 years

AT: Can you tell me about your career?
I started modeling in 1982 and was a “show girl”. I walked for Valentino, Ferre, Karl Lagerfeld, Claude Montana, Dior, Krizia, and Givenchy to name just a few… for all their ready-to wear and couture shows for the whole of the 80′s really. Those were the halcyon days of fashion.

AT:  What made you decide to open Liz Bell Agency? How long has it been open for? What type of talent does it house?
It was a natural progression to move from being in front of the camera to being behind the scenes. The biggest thrill I get is discovering a new face, developing them, and introducing them to the world of fashion. My first big discovery was Rachel Roberts in 1992 after being open for only 6 months. Her mum was a model in the 70′s ands her best friend was my dear friend Anya Ellis. This industry is all about relationships and reputation.

We represent models primarily but have a very boutique talent division working with a handful of talented actors.

AT:  If you could go back to change something in your career / do something differently, what would it be?
As we tend to say, ” if I had known then what I know now!” I would have enjoyed it more, been more confident and run with things more. It is sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees when you are in the thick of things. I try and instill this in my models, to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to set you up for life. Some just don’t understand until it is too late, but for those who do it is an amazing journey!
AT: How many models do you currently have on your roster?
I personally manage all my international models, which has about 20 at the moment. That means working together as a team with the agencies I place the models with, and making sure they are all taken care of, etc.  I also scout and develop the new faces locally. We have about 18 new faces and around 50 models that work locally.

AT: Any advice for the aspiring model?
Find a mother agent in your hometown, to nurture, develop, and teach you the business. This relationship may be the only consistent one in your career as agents come and go and it is all about being with a mother agent who is there to protect you and have your interests at heart.

AT: Tell me one thing you love about your job.
The people are amazing! It is very forgiving and ever changing. The process of being a part of helping a young person blossom and grow… now that makes me happy.

AT: What’s your favourite pizza topping?
: Proscuitto and arugula.

AT: Are you a nighttime or daytime person?
A bit of both… I love to sleep-in in the morning. That is my biggest indulgence.

AT: Do you want to tell me about some of the top talent at Liz Bell right now?
We have a lot of exciting things happening right now.

Justin Sterling who has just returned home from the men’s shows, where he walked for Dior, Louis Vuitton, Jil Sander, John Varvados, Kris Van Essche, Dries Van Noten, and Philip Lim to name a few.

Kate Bock is taking the world by storm starting with winning Rookie of the Year for Sports Illustrated and the shooting the Guess Jeans campaign with Raphael Mazzucco. This girl works every single day!

Janice Alida is killing it. Starting with the Coach Campaign you can see everywhere, then doing Dior couture last week to name just a few exciting things.

Gracie Van Gastel is working exclusively with Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent so we need to keep our eyes out for her new images coming out soon.

All our international models work consistently with only the top clients.

AT: What are you listening to on your iPod?
NO iPod, but I listen to iTunes and am loving my friends son’s band from NY “The Folkadelics“” they are amazing!

Liz Bell Agency

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Instagram: @lizbellagency   & @lizbell_lb


Thursday, July 18

Meadow Gifts + Apparel

Stepping into Meadow Gifts + Apparel is like walking into a candy store. There are so many little things to look at that you become mesmerize. Oh yeah, and you drool a little too.

Adele Tetangco: When did you open?
Casey Myrfield + Sasha Freeman:
We opened our doors on November 6, 2012.

AT: I go to your store all the time and love it, but for someone who hasn’t, can you tell them about it?
CM + SF:
We carry gift items and clothing for men, women and children. Almost all of our products are handmade. We carefully select everything for the shop – we want “cool” handmade. We are very selective about what we sell. We want the shop to be a happy and accessible place so you want to stay for a while and see what we have to offer.

AT: How would you describe your store in 3 words?
CM + SF:
Whimsical, inspired and accessible.

AT: What types of items do you carry?
CM + SF:
We have a great selection of baby & kids clothing (t-shirts, leggings, moccasins), women’s dresses and jewellery,  leather satchels, cool art prints, handmade soap, men’s t-shirts, and a lot of cute little items that you didn’t know you needed until you saw them at our shop.

AT: Are they all independent lines?
CM + SF:
Yes  98% of our brands are small, independent lines. The majority are handmade.

AT: You ladies aren’t lying about all of those cute little things. I’ve bought quite a few packs of those paper straws.  Do I use straws? No- but I still bought them. Where do you do find all of the items you stock.
CM + SF:
We have had a “dream list” of brands we would stock if we ever opened a shop. We have talked about opening a shop for years. We have both been selling our own lines of handmade products for a while and so we have met and been exposed to a lot of really talented makers.

AT: I have to buy a b-day gift and I only have $50. What should I buy?
CM + SF:

BABY – A Hazel Village doll and a book.
WOMEN – Soap and Paper Factory hand cream and a necklace.
MEN – A flask and a couple of Brooklyn Rehab shot glasses.

AT: Name something in that you’re constantly re-stocking.
CM + SF:
Gnome Enterprises t-shirts for men ($34) and toddlers ($28).

AT: Name an item you carry that’s a personal favourite.
CM + SF:
Berkley Illustration prints ($25).

AT: I love weird stories. Have any you can tell me?
CM + SF:
We had a fledgling crow fly into the shop not long ago – that was interesting. A nice (and brave) customer very kindly carried it outside for us.

AT: I always ask – what music is playing on your store’s play list?
CM + SF:
Wild Nothing has been playing a lot lately. Right now Fleetwood Mac is on….so a little of this and a little of that.

Meadow Gifts + Apparel
104 Water St

Vancouver, BC V6B 1B2

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Tuesday, July 16

Elisa Kosonen













(photo credit: Scott McFadyen)

I love Vancouver for many reasons. A few being that it’s gorgeous (even when it rains), you can easily find a JAPADOG, and it’s full of talent. Elisa Kosonen’s forte can’t easily be defined. It’s just that she does so many things and excels in all of them.

Adele Tetangco: You do many things – can you tell me about them?
Elisa Kosonen: One of the things I love about being a free agent is that I get to work on such a cool variety of projects at the same time. I’m really lucky that I get to do pretty much everything that I love to do. My work consists of public relations, brand strategy, copywriting, plus freelance writing and editing. I specialize in all the things that women love, whether it’s beauty, fashion or lifestyle related.

AT:  Is there one area that you prefer more?
That’s a tough one! I decided to go freelance so I could do it all… But, I would have to say my current top two are helping brands find their voice with copywriting and working with some lovely celebrities. Getting flowers from Jessica Biel and handwritten notes from Dita Von Teese because they’re so happy with how their skin looks makes me so ridiculously proud to represent a brand like Éminence Organic Skin Care.

AT: And how long have you been doing this?
Eight years. I started out as an editor in 2005 and began working with brands in 2009.

AT: Tell me the number one thing you love about your job.
The ability to write and edit while working with brands I truly believe in.

AT:  You left Toronto to come to Vancouver. Trick question: Which city do you like better?
Ha! Vancouver of course. It’s my hometown! I worked for Flare in Toronto and loved the hustle and bustle of that city though. I’m lucky that I get to go back a lot for work and play. I often feel like I had to leave Vancouver to appreciate it. It took me years of living in London, New York and Toronto to realize I’m a west coast girl at heart.

AT:  What’s the hardest thing about your job?
Managing a schedule. I have to be ready to jump from one project to the next at the ping of an email, so every day is different.

AT: What’s the easiest?
Hmm, I suppose my commute is the easiest thing. I can be downstairs at my desk in less than 10 seconds flat.

AT: Favourite place to shop:
I’m currently obsessed with Oak + Fort.

AT: What was your last dream about?
I prefer to daydream. My dreams at night are so mundane! Seriously. I’ve been to the grocery store in my sleep. My latest dream has been to work from the beach for an entire month. I’m aiming to make that happen sometime during the winter.

AT: If you could eat one thing for a month, what would it be?
Anything by my friend Christina Culver of Culver City Salads. I never, ever tire of her quinoa.

AT: What are you listening to on your iPod?
I couldn’t survive without a soundtrack. It always depends on the mood or situation. Lately I’ve had guitar bands like The Strokes, The Horrors and The Kills on repeat, but I’m also a sucker for a slow jam.

Work with Elisa:

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Twitter: @etothek
Instagram: @etothek

Wednesday, July 03











Dace Moore’s eponymous fashion label, Dace, has been around Vancouver for so long that looking at it makes it feel like home. I had the chance to catch up with her for a little one-on-one.

1. Full Name:  Dace Margaret Moore.
2. Occupation:  Designer and Business Owner of Dace / Fashion Instructor at JCI Institute.
3. How long have you been doing what you’re doing? I’ve been designing for over 15 years and recently started teaching this year.
4. Complete this sentence: I love Vancouver because_______: I love Vancouver because of the mountains, ocean, and my family and friends.
5. Name your favourite place to eat: Bao Bei.
6. Where do you love to shop?  One of a Few in Gastown and Gravity Pope on West 4th.
7. Name a place you enjoy going to have drinks: Alibi Room.
8. Where do you like to go to relax?  At home.
9. What is your biggest inspiration? The people that surround me.
10. What’s your favourite colour?  Blue
11. If you can describe Vancouver fashion in one word, what would it be? I can’t really describe it in one word. There are so many different types of styles walking the streets of Vancouver right now.
12. Name something you think that’s a fashion faux pas.  Uggs.
13. There’s a fire and you can only save one thing in your closet – what is it? Maybe my Won Hundred jeans that I live in
14. What music are you listening to in your studio? Reverberation Radio (online).
15. Any new developments?  We recently moved to a new studio that has a storefront, so it is an open studio concept.  In addition to clothing, I’ve added a little bit of house ware items and a new kids collection.










Dace Studio
725 East Hastings
Vancouver, BC

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Facebook: /daceclothing
Twitter: @daceclothing
Instagram: @dacestudio

Wednesday, July 03


The definition of “mutton”, when googled, turns up this meaning: “the flesh of a matured sheep used as food” (yuck). Paige Cowan, of clothing brand Muttonhead, has a different definition – and I like hers much better.

Adele Tetangco: Why the name Muttonhead? Where is it derived from?
Paige Cowan:
Truth be told, the name doesn’t mean anything. Aside from the fact that the twins (my business partners) used to hang at the skate park, drink beers and act like “mutts”. Hence a “mutt” was someone who didn’t really care, it referenced a “Laid Back Luke” kinda attitude.

AT: How long have you guys been around for?
We have been in the rag trade for four years. We started from the ground up with a lot of aspirations and no previous experience in the industry.

AT: Are your clothing styles unisex?
You bet! Although we technically design menswear, there are three of us girls behind the label. So in everything we do, we keep our female customers in mind.

AT: What are some of your favourite pieces?
Anything out of our signature recycled hemp fabric. It is the perfect fabric and we use it in everything from trousers to shorts, button ups to caps. It is a great substitute to a pair of jeans or chinos. Like these Gym Shorts ($70).

AT: What do you like the best about working on Muttonhead?
Building a reputation in an industry where you meet a lot of cool people and having them psyched on your brand.

AT: You’re based out of Vancouver? Is the clothing manufactured here as well?
I spend almost half the year on the road, or back in Toronto where the rest of the Mutts are based. Everything is designed at our Toronto Studio and manufactured across the Greater Toronto Area.

AT: What is the meaning behind your Spring/Summer 2013 collection?
We were influenced by the 1970′s sporting culture especially Venice Beach’s Z-Boys. They were just a couple of adventurous kids looking for kits to suit their counterculture lifestyles. The “Good Sport” name references the athletic theme and the easygoing, unpretentious attitude that embodies Muttonhead.

AT: Name some pieces that you keep selling out of.
We literally can’t keep our Baseball Pants ($132) in stock, around the globe this is hands down our hottest style. Also our Reversible Crewnecks ($119) are always a home run!

AT: I want to know more about you, what’s your role within the company?
I’m the Masta Hustler. I take care of our wholesaling, marketing, media, and I organize our events.

AT: Who designs the collection?
Two mutts named Meg and Mel, they are twin sisters and they have a great dynamic creatively. You know what they say about twins, they can communicate without speaking. Meg and Mel are in sync aesthetically like that. They are always on the same wavelength when it comes to translating each other’s vision.

AT: If Muttonhead was a hip hop album, what would it’s name be?
MuttStyle and we would get the artist formally known as Snoop Doggy Dogg to rap on the album.

AT:  Claim to fame?
Speaking of the rap game, Pusha-T was photographed in our reversible crewneck sweatshirt and in Toronto our pop-up shop parties are renowned and always a good time.

AT: Since it’s unisex – for the popular pieces, do you find that the women + men both flock to the same styles? Or is it always different?
It’s a bit of both, but women love our stuff and they also love dressing their boyfriends in it.

AT: I love a funny story. Tell me something funny.
At the last tradeshow in New York I was staying in a six-story walk-up. On the last day of the show I started freaking because I realized I wouldn’t be able to get my large suitcase (full of samples) up the stairs alone. Combined with the fact that I was super rinsed from the night before, I literally had to go around the show begging some guy to come and help me out. Shout out to Shawn at Lightening Bolt!







Available at:
Board of Trade

227 Union Street
Vancouver BC V6A 2B2

206 Carrall Street
Vancouver BC V6B 2J1

Follow Muttonhead:
Facebook: /MuttonheadCollective
Twitter: @Muttonhead_Co
Instagram: @Muttonhead

Thursday, June 20

Nocturnal Workshop









I love finding out about new designers – especially when they’re young and driven. Zach Dabrowski is just that. Read below to find out more.

Adele Tetangco: Are you the sole designer?
Zach Dabrowski:
I am the founder and CEO of Nocturnal Workshop, and I am heavily involved in the creative process of what we do, however, I am not the designer. Tyler Froese is the man behind the Nocturnal Workshop design mask. I partnered with him about 8 months ago and since then our design relationship has really flourished. Tyler is traditionally a textile fashion designer, and believe it or not the first time he ever designed and sewed a backpack was about 5 months ago. I am excited to see how much he grows in the next 12 months with the launch of our company.

AT: Do you design full-time?
: I would love to say that this is my full-time job, but currently I am still in school in my third year of Marketing Management. Tyler also goes to school and is entering his third year.

AT: Tell us about Nocturnal Workshop? When did you start it? What kinds of items do you make?
Nocturnal Workshop is a premium bag and accessories company that focuses on maximizing fashion, visibility and durability for the mobile, urban trendsetter. Our bags have both a simple and bold element to them, combining a simplistic and fashionable skeleton with bold fabrics – for example, retro-reflective leather. In broad daylight the bags are understated, but when light is reflected off of them, their graphic becomes quite vivid. Essentially, our bags are subtle when you want them to be and bold when you need them to be. As far as I know, we are one of the first companies creating bags like this. For Vancouver, as well as other cycling cities, these bags are perfect because they are fashionable; yet have value added in maximizing your visibility.

We started the company about 6 months ago, and are planning for a January 2014 launch into retailers. This summer we will be attending Project in New York and Capsule in Vegas. Currently our first collection is focused on backpacks as well as several laptop sleeves, but we have plans to expand our line in the future.

AT: Is it made locally?
Everything is designed and tested in Vancouver, and we have partnered with a facility in Seattle to produce our goods.

AT: How many pieces are you launching with?
We will be launching with 3 styles of backpacks available in 3 different colour ways. We also will be creating several laptop sleeves and smaller accessories to go along with the Capsule Collection.

AT: Where do you gather your inspirations?
To be honest, I really get inspired by other people. I read as many articles as I can and try to connect with as many people as I can. Intimate interaction is definitely what helps get my creative process going, and it’s often how I come up with a lot of my ideas. Traveling is another big part of my inspiration in that I love seeing how other cultures live and work.

AT: Tell me about your most favorite piece out of the whole collection and why?
I have been testing a lot of our initial designs and I was surprised that my favourite piece was the Barred Light Daypack – our smallest backpack. I can fit all of my essentials (Macbook, notebook, Bamboo Touch Tablet, books and several chargers) without having to jam it in, but also so that everything is snug and you don’t have things slipping and sliding everywhere when you are on the move.

AT: If you could pick one person to wear one of your bags (dead or living) who would it be?
I just had a conversation with someone about this! Pharrell Williams has always been a big inspiration of mine. His undeniable sense of creativity is what draws me to him. Being able to create successful companies across several sectors is no easy task, but it is his focus on quality and experimentation is what I feel keeps him two steps ahead of the curve. Not to mention, he has the kind of style you envy because you know you would never be able to pull it off.

AT: Anything trending for backpacks right now that you’re really into? Is there anything that you don’t like?
Pig snouts are still trending (most people think it’s Herschel’s logo). They are kind of a love / hate for me. I hate that they are being overused, but I like the original story behind them in that they were used as a fastening mechanism to attach more things to your pack (they need a bit of a revamp now though). I’m pretty sure backpacks themselves are trending for women this spring, so that’s kind of cool.

We really try to design beyond trend as much as we can. Our bags are not cheap, so we want our consumers to be able to get a lot of use out of them before wanting to move onwards and upwards!

AT: Where’s your favourite place to eat in Van?
I love a good meal, and being from Van I’m susceptible to being sushi-crazed. I’m also Celiac, so it’s always interesting finding gluten-free options. The Eatery in Kits is great because of its unconventional, yet oh so tasty rolls. Plus, their menu is like 8 pages long! I also love The Naam because it’s pretty cheap, has massive portions and is open 24 hours, which makes it a healthier alternative for “drunk food”.

AT: What song do you sing in the shower?
I’m a big advocate of shower singing. Just ask my neighbours… Right now I’m rocking Female Robbery by The Neighbourhood and Pull Me Down by Mikky Ekko.









Nocturnal Workshop launches in January 2014.

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Facebook: /nocturnalworkshop
Twitter: @nocturnalbags
Instagram: @nocturnalworkshop

Friday, June 14

Wheelin and Dealin sale












You heard right!  Should be a doozy of a sale.  Union Wood Co. has joined forces with their good friends, the Found & the Freed and Victory Gardens , If you’re in the neighbourhood, pop on down and say hey… Oh, and maybe shop a little bit.

Saturday, June 15 11am-5pm and Sunday June 16 12pm-4pm.

Union Wood Company
503 Railway Street
Vancouver, BC V6A 1A7


Friday, June 14

One of a Few

This is one of my most favourites stores in Vancouver. If you want to know why – just read my interview with owner Michelle Rizzardo below. Nuff said.












Adele Tetangco: I LOVE One of a Few with a passion. Why should other ladies love it too?
Michelle Rizzardo:
Ah thanks Adele. Hopefully other ladies will like us too. There are a few things we hope ladies feel when coming to our store. First, we want them to feel comfortable and spend time trying on different pieces from different collections. That way they can have fun discovering new designers. Second, we want them to find coveted brands they are familiar with sitting next to new emerging designers they may not have heard of. And last but not least, we want them to feel that they are part of a community. That might sound weird, but honestly we love our clients and the designers we sell and it’s really exciting to have people feel just as passionate about what’s happening as we are.

AT: Can you tell me about some brands that you carry that are international? MR: We have stocked HOPE of Sweden for a number of years now. They have classic pieces that are wearable, edgy and timeless.

To Be Adored is a British brand that we “adore”. It’s quirky, fun and made with beautiful fabrics. Their pieces are “show stoppers” and we should all have a few of those in our closets.

Dieppa Restrepo footwear from New York is a coveted brand in the shop. The two New York designers went to Mexico and found a town’s economy suffering with the clothing of a local shoe factory. They launched their production there and have been helping sustain that economy ever since. They keep classic styles and we bring in different colours and leathers each season.

Creatures of Comfort, who has flagship stores in Los Angeles and New York, has started selling their own line for the past three seasons. The collection is unbelievable. Jade Lau creates beautiful prints that stand out on the racks. She recently worked on a collabo with LDTuttle and created the perfect summer sandal.

Wood Wood from Denmark is a really fun brand. Their price point is great and we are exclusive carriers of the brand in Vancouver.

AT: What’s the best selling line you carry?
Footwear: Rachel Comey, Dieppa Restrepo, and Dolce Vita.
Bags: Clare Vivier, Jas.M.B, and Collina Strada.
Clothing: HOPE of Sweden, Edith A Miller, and Demy Lee.

AT: What should ladies be wearing this summer?
For starters, they should be wearing what they feel the best in. If you feel good in your clothing you will always look better no matter what.

Every woman should have a white crisp collared cotton shirt and a new white t-shirt (Fluxus $55-$65) every season. A metallic accent is perfect for this summer; the Creatures of Comfort collaboration sandals ($331) are perfect.  A Clare Vivier clutch ($156) is mandatory for night and hand held bags make any outfit look a little sharper. Dresses are a must; especially a silk printed one that makes you feel dressed up, beautiful, and comfortable. A pair of boyfriend jeans, cotton trousers, or a skirt that graces just below the knee and a really strong piece of jewelry. And underneath it all everyone should be wearing Baserange ($24-$110) an amazing bamboo basics collection.

AT: Tell me about something you sold that you wished you got to keep for yourself.
MR: Just one thing? Lol. Every season there are a few items. This season, so far, I have missed out on a pair of HOPE stay jeans, a Clare Vivier simple tote in caramel suede, and a cobalt jumper from Rachel Comey. I can’t keep it all though, so it’s okay.

AT: You have an upstairs room in your store. Can you tell us what pleasures we can expect next in the room?
: Ah… Upstairs, well upstairs has been changing over for the last few years but currently we use it to hold our sale items. The pieces up there are 50-80 percent off! The deals are amazing.
We are constantly adding to the items so its good to check it out regularly.

AT: SHOES!! Tell everyone about your shoes. What are some of this-season’s must-haves that you-have?
: This is the best question because the shoes are amazing right now. Some particulars are the Rachel Comey metallics, Creatures of Comfort black sandal, Sexy heels by DV and Dolve Vita. Awesome sandals by Fiel that comes in cream, black, and blue…and of course metallic! Dieppa Restrepo’s $300 and Leone Lupe $440.

AT: If I have $200, and $200 alone. Tell me what to buy.
You can buy a ton of things for $200, but you could us the money three ways.

1. You could buy a pop colour in one of the Clare Vivier clutches ($156) and a pair of Strathcona Stocking ($36). Both items will add punch to any outfit and they easily update previous season pieces.

2. You could buy a Baserange bra ($55) and panties ($24) set, a Reassembly scent ($40) and an Edith A Miller top ($75) for a purchase that just simply makes you feel good.

3. A pair of Dolce Vita heels ($125) and some silver stacked rings done by either Catherine Hartley or Kara You (both desgners-$20).

Too many options… too many goodies.

AT: Tell me about the most popular item in your store right now.
MR: Any Baserange item – seriously any of them. It doesn’t matter what people buy they always seem to add one of these pieces to their purchase ($24-$110).

AT: Is there one look that will look good on anyone? Does this exist?
MR: Well, I truly believe the best look on anyone is the outfit they feel most confident in.

AT: what songs are playing on the store’s play list?
MR:  Toro y Moi, Bart Davenport, Beach House, Foxygen, Metronomy, Mo, Chvrches.
The mixes always change. Recently, we have been playing play lists from Reverberation Radio.












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