Thursday, August 1

30 Days of IPA

Returning after a one-year hiatus, we are once again celebrating the IPA in all its forms as 30 Days of IPA returns for a very hoppy August. Every day during the month, a limited IPA from a different brewery will be tapped at only one of our pubs until the keg is empty. See below for a full list of locations & IPA’s. 

30 Days of IPA celebrates IPA beers across 12 Venues and features 30 Breweries. Featuring IPAs from Backcountry, Bomber, Breakside, Parallel 49, Driftwood, Phillips, Superflux, Tofino, Mount Arrowsmith, Ninkasi, and over 20 other amazing breweries. 


Thursday 01-Aug – Library Square – Fuggles & Warlock Destiny IPA

Friday 02-Aug – Three Brits – Parkside Dreamboat IPA

Saturday 03-Aug – Blackbird – Red Truck 4×4 IPA

Sunday 04-Aug – Lamplighter – Superflux x Gigantic Collab Pretty Much Yeah

Monday 05-Aug – Cinema – Four Winds IPA

Tuesday 06-Aug – The Ballyhoo – Backcountry Dead of Night Galaxy IPA

Wednesday 07-Aug – Library Square – Green Flash IPA

Thursday 08-Aug – New Oxford/Tavern – Post Mark 7s IPA

Friday 09-Aug – Butcher & Bullock – Bomber Superpest unfiltered DIPA

Saturday 10-Aug – The Railway – Parallel 49 Le Sabre Sabro IPA

Sunday 11-Aug – Sing Sing Beer Bar – Steel & Oak Mango Guava Passionfruit IPA

Monday 12-Aug – Clough Club – Driftwood – Raised by Wolves

Tuesday 13-Aug – Granville Room – Phillips Eldorado Smash IPA

Wednesday 14-Aug – Three Brits – Twin Sails Volcano King Pineapple & Coconut Double Milkshake IPA

Thursday 15-Aug – Blackbird – Hoyne Alpha Acid IPA

Friday 16-Aug – Lamplighter – Tofino Hop Cretin

Saturday 17-Aug – Cinema – Red Racer Superfruit Mango Passionfruit IPA

Sunday 18-Aug – The Ballyhoo – pFriem Hazy IPA

Monday 19-Aug – Library Square – Breakside Wanderlust IPA

Tuesday 20-Aug – New Oxford / Tavern – Main Street Naked Fox

Wednesday 21-Aug – Butcher & Bullock – Vancouver Island Dbl Dry Hopped Cassis & Elderflower IPA

Thursday 22-Aug – The Railway – Powell Lazy D’Haze

Friday 23-Aug – Sing Sing Beer Bar – Mount Arrowsmith Jagged Face IPA

Saturday 24-Aug – Clough Club Gigantic – Pipewrench (Gin Barrel Aged IPA)

Sunday 25-Aug – Granville Room – Yellow Dog high 5 Hazy IPA

Monday 26-Aug – Three Brits – Mariner NEIPA

Tuesday 27-Aug – Blackbird – Ninkasi Hazy Domination IPA

Wednesday 28-Aug – Lamplighter – Ecliptic Brewing Starburst IPA

Thursday 29-Aug – Cinema – Guardian IPA

Friday 30-Aug – The Ballyhoo – Boombox Juicy AF IPA