Monday, November 18

Sour Beers

$6 Sour Beers 

In case Monday wasn’t sour enough. Our beers are fresh, local, and considered. Try some. Cut big flavours with Chips & Green Goddess Dip for $4.


Tuesday, November 19

Half Pints

$4 Half Pints

One glass or a tray of glasses, depends on your day. Either way we’re pouring Food Truck Blonde Ale from friends Henderson Brewing, a fair complement to house-made Chips & Green Goddess Dip also for $4.


Tuesday, November 19

Happy Hour


$5 Ontario Draught / $5 Spirits / $6 Jameson

$4 Bar Snacks 

Smoked Castelvetrano Olives, Charred Shishito Peppers & Lime Oil, Chips & Green Goddess Dip


Wednesday, November 20

Classic Martini

$8 Classic Martini 

Hemingway drank them because it made him feel civilized. Courtesies aside, we just fucking love gin. Made with Beefeater, the original London Dry, it belongs beside Smoked Castelvetrano Olives for $4.

Rotating DJs 4-8pm


Thursday, November 21

Scotch & a half pint 

$9 Scotch and a half pint 

A dram of The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve and half pint of Guinness. This handsome pairing was discovered over visits to Scottish pubs and bested only by adding Charred Shishito Peppers for $4.

Rotating Local DJs, 8pm-Close


Friday, November 22

Scotch & Soda

$7 Scotch & Soda 

Tried, tested, timeless — it’s what your grandfather drank. How wise he was. Made with Cutty Sark, because we like it like that. Pull it together with Charred Shishito Peppers for $4.

Rotating Local DJs, 8pm-Close


Saturday, November 23

Bitter Cocktails

$8 Bitter Cocktails 

To those with a bitter tooth, you’re in good company. Negroni, Aperol Spritz, or an Old Pal — pick your poison and combine with house-made Chips & Green Goddess Dip for $4

Rotating DJs, 8pm-Close


Sunday, November 24

Half Price Wine

Half Price Select Bottled Wines

There’s only one way to make a proper Sunday roast better. Anything that we pour by the glass you can have in a bottle for half the price. Sweet dreams.

$18 Sunday Roast