We’ve Been Trophy-napped

[UPDATE] No, it wasn’t me. -D

Yup. You read that right. Trophy-napped.

Here’s the story;

Lamplighter Public House won the Best Pub in Vancouver award at the 2012 Clubvibes Nightlife Awards. Awesome. We rejoiced. But the next morning, our award was missing.

Did somebody forget it at the event?

Leave it in a cab?

Take it home?

We hadn’t figured it out until we recieved this tweet from an anonymous account the next day:

Strange. Thats our trophy. Eating breakfast.

Then this came through:

Are those ransom demands? Yes. Yes they are.

I immediately went through my internal social media rolodex trying to think of who would be sneaky enough to pull this off. I grabbed my phone and proceeded to call each person and tell them I knew they did it.

Nobody fessed up.

For the entire day if I ran into somebody that was at the awards, or in the neighborhood I cornered them, demanding an explanation.


My paranoia got to the point that I was opening conversations with “Hi Chris, good to see you, do you have our trophy?”

No confessions. Not even a glimmer of guilt on anybody’s face.

And all the while….this was happening:

So here we sit. More than a week later. The Trophy-nappers are still at large. We don’t know who has it, but now I’m offering something.

Have you seen the movie Ransom? With Mel Gibson?

Well guess what. ANYBODY that returns the trophy, you get dinner for two. On us.

See Mr. Trophy-Napper, your ransom is now a bounty on you! HA!

But ya, if you know anything, pints are on me.

Follow the Trophy-napper twitter account here: Twitter.com/RobbobBobrob

Damon Holowchak – Marketing Coordinator
Donnelly Group Public Houses


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