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Despite the rivalry, The Flames and Canucks have some things in common. They’re both Canadian, they both have mountains, and they both have Leo Boutique – a directional multi brand men’s and women’s boutique, featuring a carefully curated selection of brands we know and love. I had the chance to catch up with owner, Cornelia Wiebe. This was our convo:

Adele Tetangco: When did your store open in Vancouver?
Cornelia Wiebe: We opened in the summer of 2012.

AT: Why did you decide on Vancouver and why 4th Ave?
CW: Vancouver has always been a city of interest for us.  We really like the laid back vibe here.  W.4th and Kitsilano in general have a real community spirit; they live and shop local.  It just made sense!

AT: Do you sell both men and women’s?
CW: We have always offered both.

AT: Can you tell us about a couple of your favourite women’s lines and men’s lines?
CW: We are HUGE fans of Timo Weiland! It’s a label that offers collections for both men and women.  We identify with the New York edge style.  Designer’s Remix Collection is a long time favourite for women.  It is a Danish brand that embodies the architectural lines of modern design mixed with subtle femininity.  For men, Opening Ceremony is a favourite.  We love the shirts!

AT: Name an item that you are having a hard time stocking b/c it keeps on selling?
CW: Baxter of California Candles.

AT: Are Vancouver shoppers different than Calgary shoppers? How so?
CW: Vancouver shoppers are different that Calgary shoppers.  Vancouver has a much more casual lifestyle.  This contributes greatly to the shopping habits of our Vancouver customers.

AT: A boyfriend wants to buy something for his girlfriend – he has $300. What do you suggest he get for her?

CW: I always recommend accessories as gifts… House of Harlow is a great choice.  The style is right on point, not too trendy, and affordable.  A necklace, ring and earring pairing sells for under $300.

AT: What about a girl buying something for her boyfriend? Same budget.
CW: A hand made, Billykirk small leather good.  High on quality and function, styles range from casual/student to business and travel.  Pricing from $140 +.

AT: For the shopper that only has $50 – what should he or she buy?
CW: Baxter of California is the perfect choice for him.  This all men’s grooming care product is light on fragrance and loaded with options.  The Skin 1-2-3 is a complete start up kit at $50.  For her, Preloved Betty Mittens are $25.00 and made in Toronto from 100% reclaimed fabric.

AT: What’s music is on your store’s playlist?
CW: Tame Impala, The Avalanches and Real Estate.













Leo Boutique
2072 4th Ave W.
Vancouver, BC V6J 1M9

T. 604-558-2072

Follow them on twitter @leoboutique