The New Violet


It’s not everyday that you get a do-over, so when you get the opportunity for one, you better make sure that it’s good. Recently South Granville’s Violet Boutique closed and re-opened on West 6th. She set up shop with a completely different vibe, complete with a new logo and website. I had the chance to catch up with owner Genevieve Allen and congratulate her on an amazing new space. She did this one gooood.

Adele Tetangco: New space! Me likely. What’s different about your store now than before?
Genevieve Allen:
It’s a more fresh and modern take on the old Violet. We’ve tried to keep the essence the same but with an update.

AT: I’m in love with all of the white and the touch of gold surrounding the new store. Why did you pick these two colours?
: The white is a perfect backdrop for the clothes. And the gold? I guess I just like shiny things!

AT: Any new lines we should be on the look out for that are coming to Violet?
We are introducing Vera Meat this season; it’s a quirky line of jewelry from New York that we are obsessed with. We’ve picked up a few new lines for spring too.

AT: What’s selling in store?
Sweaters – It’s that time of year and we have some really special ones in at the moment.

AT: If I have $300 to spend, what should I buy?
A Lizzie Fortunato necklace. It is the easiest way to transform an outfit.

AT: Do you like this space better that your old one?
Yes! I loooove the new space.

AT: The last time I was in there, I heard Sade playing on the speakers. Is this a common occurrence?
I love me some Sade. It is. I’m having a real 90’s moment with the shop playlist lately. Sade, A Tribe Called Quest, Eurythmics

AT: What’s your favorite pizza topping?

AT: I’m in the area and I’m hungry. Where should I go and eat?
You’d be crazy if you didn’t go to Beaucoup. If you’re in the area for dinner, The Farmer’s Apprentice is amazing!

AT: When in doubt go all black or all white?
All white!

AT: Name something from the store you really want but are waiting to get.
A Lizzie Fortunato beaded bag. They are so fantastic.

AT: Tell me one item that everyone should own for winter.
I think this season is about the statement coat. And in Vancouver you can never have enough coats. Sometimes I find I end up wearing my coat all night if I go to a party, so it better be pretty great. There’s one from Whit that is also on my wish list.

Violet Boutique
1563 W. 6th Avenue

Vancouver, BC V6H 3G1
T. 604.569.1514

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