30 Days of IPA

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We spend a lot of time brainstorming fun, new and engaging promotions to run for the city of Vancouver’s Beer lovers. From Fe-BREW-ary to Pints for a Cause to the VCBW Donnelly Ale Trail, there’s definitely no shortage of opportunity to drink great beer. When we started planning the first 30 Days of IPA back in 2013 we landed on a lot of different ways we could run the promotion. We thought about a month long discount on IPA styles. We thought about Tap Takeovers. We even considered launching taps of IPA never before poured in Vancouver. Nothing seemed to be big enough to live up to the name 30 Days of IPA – so we did it all. August 1st, 2015 marks the start of the 3rd Annual Donnelly Group 30 Days of IPA.

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This year’s 30 Days of IPA will again feature 30 different IPA styles from 30 different breweries from all over North America. Each beer is tapped at only one venue and is only available in limited supply – once the keg is empty there’s not another to re-tap. While in the past we have offered only draught beer in this promotion in limited quantities this year we have added a few casks to the calendar as well.

We’re excited to launch never-before-poured beers like the up-coming Driftwood ‘Raised by Wolves’ IPA that will be unlike anything they have ever produced. We have secured 5 American IPAs from Caldera, Smutty Nose, Heretic, Red Hook & Ballast Point. We’re showcasing 3 casks from local favorites Red Truck Bomber & Central City. All within the first 30 Days of August.

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Each year we run this calendar I get asked why we didn’t choose a month with 30 days given the name. Well, each year the response has been so amazing from our brewery partners that we typically have a little surprise to unveil midway through the month that we add on the 31st of the month. Stay tuned for further details on that.

The complete calendar is below. As early as next week we’ll have them in wallet size available for pick-up and any of the participating venues. Stay tuned to our various social media outlets for updates throughout the month.