30 Days of IPA Returns!

For the fourth consecutive August we have teamed up with brewers from all over North America to create a calendar celebrating the IPA. The program in essence is quite simple – but contains a lot of moving parts. First – we have to source thirty unique breweries and secure an IPA from each. Our goal is to not use the same brewery for more than one day of the 30 days, although in years past we have allowed collaborations as secondary options. Beginning August 1 we begin tapping one IPA per day, cycling through each of our draught locations. It is the biggest IPA event that happens in Vancouver each year. Once each venue has tapped one IPA the rotation resets and we’re back to one to have another go.

This year we have coordinated a variety of one-offs, casks and even secured a few never-before-tapped IPAs from some legendary breweries. We have even locked in a keg of the elusive Driftwood Raised by Wolves IPA to be tapped later in the month. We are putting the final touches on the calendar today and will hopefully publishing the calendar mid-week.

Keep your eyes on this website for a complete list of which IPAs will be available at which venues.