SS18 Style Guide—Male Manager


The men’s style guide is designed to be hip, comfortable and approachable so that true personality and product are the guests’ focus.



Oxford shirt

  • Long or short sleeve, rolled up sleeves are okay
  • Light solid colours — eg. grey, blue, off white, sage
  • No denim, patterns, logos, plaid, floral or tiki patterns
  • Pressed and fitted — not oversized or baggy
  • Untucked, all buttons done up — top button optional


  • Optional
  • Black, navy, or grey
  • Shirt can be worn tucked or untucked


  • Black, dark blue, raw denim or dark grey, no rips or fading
  • Slim or straight cut, nothing baggy, rolled up cuffs are okay




  • Black, brown, grey or dark blue oxford/chukka style boots or shoes
  • No sneakers
  • Dark socks — patterns okay
  • Belt to match shoe colour



General Appearance

  • Hair styled
  • Well groomed