More beer, more gifts- Goodwill Lager Annual Toy Drive


$1 from every Goodwill Lager goes to buying toys for kids


This is Goodwill Lager.

It’s a lightly dry-hopped Munich Helles lager made at The Parkside Brewery with help from Bomber Brewing, but more than that, it’s a way for Canadians to do some genuine good during the holidays just by drinking a beer. 


Because one dollar from every Goodwill Lager sold goes to helping provide gifts for families in need over the holidays. More beer, more gifts – we even printed it on the can. 


The brew is part of Donnelly Group’s employee-led holiday Toy Drive, which has raised nearly $1 million in gifts and funds for families in need over the last 19 years. 


Basically, each year we gather our hundreds of staff in buses, arm them with $50 gift cards, and set them loose in the aisles of Toys ‘R Us, promising to match every extra dollar of their own they spend.


Then, with a gigantic pile of toys nearby, we kick off an evening of food, drink, and merriment. The next day, anyone with their wits about takes the toys to Salvation Army where they are sorted and prepared to be given to families who truly need them.


Last year, Canada polished off 10,000 cans of Goodwill Lager, and we in turn donated an additional $10,000 worth of gifts to the cause. This year, we’re doing it again, plus we’re adding the option for Goodwill drinkers to double down on their donation without any extra cost to them. 


Post a picture of your Goodwill Lager can with the hashtag #morebeermoregifts to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram and we’ll kick in an additional dollar. 


More beer, more gifts. We’ll take care of the gifts part.