This is the season’s most festive lager

With $1 from the sale of each can going directly to helping families in need over the holidays, Goodwill Lager was designed to support a good cause. As such, it should be a GREAT beer. We tapped The Parkside Brewery and Bomber Brewing to make sure it was. 


It’s no accident that the vessel for the public-facing side of our holiday Toy Drive is a craft beer. As publicans, it made sense for us to draw on our network of beer makers and fellow good willed Canadians to put something worthy into this can with a tricycle on it.


Made at The Parkside Brewery with help from Bomber Brewing, Goodwill Lager serves as an extension of Donnelly Group’s annual Toy Drive, offering $1 from the sale of every can back to the charity that raises toys and funds for families in need over the holidays. 


But why lager? Why not some thick stout with a Christmas confection-based pun for a name and an ugly sweater on the can?


“Lager is a style that most people will have more than one of,” explains Craig Robinson, Director of Sales and Marketing at Bomber Brewing. Clever guy, that Craig. 


“It’s actually very difficult to make a proper lager, but we were in good hands with Vern Lambourne at Parkside at the helm and Bomber’s Blair Calibaba lending a hand – they’re really good at making lagers.”


As for the trike on the label… well, mostly we just wanted to see friend of the fam and comedian Dino Archie whip around on a children’s toy. You know he obliged. 


Goodwill is a lightly dry-hopped Munich Helles lager with bready notes at the top and a floral, super light and crisp finish. It is balanced and purposefully drinkable. 


Last year, we noticed guests at our pubs stacking the empty cans of Goodwill Lager pyramid style on the table, displaying them as a proud totem of their generosity. So, this year we decided to capitalize on the inclination and encourage the public to share a photo of their Goodwill Lager can to social media with the hashtag #morebeermoregifts to have us double down on our contribution. 


Drink a beer and a dollar goes to charity. Post a snap of it and another dollar goes to charity. Don’t drink a beer and Dino insures us he’ll personally burn every one of these toys. 


Think of the children.