You Think You Know Brass Fish Tavern, But You Don’t

Just don’t call it fusion.

Executive chef Clement Chan, at the helm of Vancouver’s highly anticipated Brass Fish Tavern, hates the term. The 90s, he says, destroyed fusion with excess (we’re looking at you, Scottish-Mexican mariachi bands). Today, pan-Asian might be a catch-all, but Chan’s criteria are narrower: “If you don’t have to go to a specialty store to get it, it isn’t pan-Asian.” You can buy sriracha, soy sauce, and miso at any grocery store these days, but you can’t find sansho just anywhere.


Read the full article by Allie Turner from Montecristo Magazine here.

Join us Tuesday, February 4th as Brass Fish Tavern opens its doors. Find us at 385 Burrard Street.

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