Saturday, February 1


Donnelly Group’s charitable arm, the Donnelly Fund, Feb-Brew-Ary 2020 puts a number of Bomber Brewing collaborations on offer at $5 per 18 oz serving (or $4 per 15 oz) across all Vancouver DG locations. A portion of proceeds will go to Beer Wars, a locate initiative that helps those living in the DTES.

Bridge × Bomber, Norse Van-Mango Kviek IPA

6% | 38 IBU
This Juicy IPA comes packed with tropical notes of Mango, citrus, stone fruit and lychee. The use of Kveik yeast, fermented at high temperatures gives depth to the fruity notes and provides an enhance the tropical aroma from the hops.

Andina × Bomber, Burbujas Brut IPA

6.6% | 35 IBU
The brut IPA borrows its name from the wine world; in champagne, brut means very dry. So too with the brut IPA. The trend has only been in existence for about a year or so—too short in beer time to coalesce into a defined “style”—but it has a few hallmarks. It’s pale, it’s bone dry, it’s highly effervescent.

Moody × Bomber, English Session Pale Ale

3.9%, 32 IBU
Low abv and easy to drink. A nod to the classic UK mild Ales that shaped the modern craft beer scene, malty, medium hopped and delicious.

(Available for the month of Fe-BREW-ary, while supplies last)